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Pass your filename to the script with the usual {f} option from dopus...

In the script have a .key, .bra & .ket line

.key is a standard amigados template, .bra & .ket define chars to use as brackets, default is <> which causes problems, I change them to {}

Here's a quick example that converts a dir from the Goldfish CD's into an ADF...

iirc it's difficult to pass 2 variables from dopus unless thay are source & dest...


.key source,name
.Bra {
.ket }

Echo "Working on Fish Disk {name}, _[43m _[40m" noline
assign SD0: EXISTS >nil:
if warn
mount SD0: >nil:
del sd0:#? all force quiet >nil:
Echo "_[43m _[40m" noline
relabel drive SD0: {name}
Echo "_[43m _[40m" noline
copy CD0:d{source}xx/{name} SD0: all quiet >nil:
wait 1
Echo "_[43m _[40m" noline
TSGUI read SD0: Data:FredFish/d0{source}xx/{name}.adz gzip >nil:
echo "_[43m _[40m Done."

Edit: oops, forgot to say there is an ESC character before the '[' in the echo lines...
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