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@Retronerd: original readme for the whdload patch mentions that saving highscores may not work if 2nd button is used for jumping. I have no clue regarding the .adf version though...

@DopPie: Sky being black is intentional at level 11 as we wanted a night sky level.
I originaly created much more palettes for the stages, including a blue palette (for an ice stage), stages with red/blood seas e.t.c. But those were excluded as they broke some of the existing level gfx.

@Gzegzolka: Thanx! People may not realise this but the work required to pull this off was trully enormous! At least for me, to completely replace the gfx assets was like doing an entire new game. Before attempting something similar we'd like first to find a means to support ourselves financially. So our next project is gonna be a commercial one. From then on we'll see what comes next
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