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I've tested out Final Writer as well as WordWorth 4 SE.

Both use (IMO) really painful fonts, to the point where I just don't want to even try and proofread what I've done. WordWorth did seem the most "modern" but I really don't care about UI treatments - I just want to be able to easily read what I've written and know that it isn't trapped on an old machine - and all of the bold/italics/etc still carry over if I ever use any (which is rare, but still). I do like typing on my 1200 - hence my long quest for the Holy-Word-Processor-Grail. As I stated earlier, I realize my personal preferences are not going to be the same as for others. Some folks really like the fonts some packages provided. Wordworth got the closest, but the kerning on screen got really wonky between some letters, to the point where I wasn't always sure about what I was looking at. A far cry from simple Verdana, like on this site. Even tried and true fonts like Helvetica just didn't render on-screen in a predictable, easy to read fashion like we're so used to. The only place that occurs, in my opinion, is the CLI. The old chunky Amiga system font is simply gorgeous and easy to read. And WordPerfect is essentially full-screen, and doesn't put UI elements in my face that I don't need 99% of the time. That's why I landed there.

I'll look up ProText for sure, since it sounds like a very close cousin to WordPerfect, albeit without the same type of conversion support. Maybe RTF files are the way to go there?

A friend of mine posed an interesting question during this process - one I hadn't considered, "What if you type on the PC/Mac, and want to move those files over? Can you do that?" My thought there was - why the hell would I do that? But then I got to wondering. . .

It does appear that if you use an old version of WordPerfect (e.g. 5.0) you can transfer those back to the Amiga if you save as WP4 files. So, at least in WordPerfect-land, you can go back and forth in either direction. It was more of a "what if?" exercise, as I don't plan on using it that way. But interesting, I think, from a nerdy point of view.

FWIW - WP can work on any era Amiga and OS pre OS 4. Takes a lot of headache out of equation.

Thanks for the tips, guys.

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