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New Reality Platform Game - Super Robin Cd32 version

What started as a small demo to see what could be created using the Reality Game Creator Platform Skeleton disk has now developed into a fullish game containing 31 short levels made up of different zones.

The object of the game is quite simple, collect all the fruit and then head to the exit to the far right of the level. Some fruit is also contained in blocks which have to be hit from below using your characters head.

Enemies have to be avoid by jumping over them or running away.

There are teleporter doors - to access these push up on your joystick and press fire when in front of the door.

There are also switches - to activate these push up on your joystick and then press fire.

When you get to the end of the level you sometimes have the option for two exists - the bottom door option will take you to a bonus level -

The game was created using the Reality Game Engine and therefore I have created the graphics and level design.

Erik Hogan created the menu select screen for the attached CD32 version

Simone Bernacchia has provided the in game music for the full game version - the other music provided for the different zones under the practice option have been taken from the Assassins Public Domain disk and I hope these are public domain.

The Dylan Demo option on the menu takes you to the demo of the Dizzy adventure clone I created using the Reality Adventure skeleton disk.

Issues to be aware of

Super Robin was created using the Reality Game engine, which has the benefit of being quicker than Backbone and allows 32 colours to be used on the screen running at 50 fps, however it does have some flaws:

1. When you play the first level for the first time it causes a graphic glitch on the enemy sprites - this is because it runs the level in full screen mode rather than a smaller window version - when you die and attempt the first level again this glitch is solved - therefore when selecting the zone practice zones you will notice that the enemy sprites can be corrupted - this doesn't happen when you reach those zones in the full game -

2. Only one in game music tune can be used throughout the game - therefore I cannot have different tunes for the different zones - when you select to practice a specific zone I have used a different tune to add some variation but in the main game all 32 levels will have the same in game music.

3. The main sprite will not be changed - it can include animation walking left and right but I have changed the sprite to a large facing front option to try to improve sprite collision - Reality does include a hotspot editor but there are no instructions available on how to use or implement this.

4. The editor does include some other options not included - there is the option to one moving platform per level but I could not get this to work - the platform was always invisible when selected - without any notes on how to include this these were droped from the game.

5. The editor can also include two other game play options - one I think is to cover blocks a bit like Dithell in Wonderland - but without any instructions I do not know what value to allocate to the tiles and how to do this.

6. Each level was completed without losing a life during play testing - however I have not had time to do a complete run from level 1 through to the end - it should be possible but challenging - occassionally I did notice on the disk version the game would sometimes crash after a particular level - however I think I solved this by changing the order of the levels.

Overall, that is now the end of my experiment with creating games with the Reality Game engines.

I have created 3 games using the engine

Kingdoms of Steam - using the shoot em up skeleton disk
Dylan the Spaceman - using the adventure skeleton disk
Super Robin - using the plaftorm skeleton disk

There is a seperate thread on here about how to use reality and also contains the relevant skeleton disks for those interested.

Creating games is a lengthy commitment, even using game creators all of the above games have taken one to two years to get to their finished state and relied on others to help - A big thank you to Erik Hogan for helping to transfer them to the CD32 and to Simone Bernacchia for providing excellent music for all the games - thank you to Wayne Ashworth for helping with the intro screens for Kingdoms of Steam and Dylan the Spaceman - Thank you to Robert Hazelby and Graham Humphrey for play testing the games at different points.

New recent work commitments will mean I will be taking a break from the Amiga scene for a few months - if things settle down I hope to help Graham with the graphics for his Maxwell game and in the distant future I will either finish the last few problems for the Dylan game or produce a short Graphic Adventure using GRAC.
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