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One thing that has also bugged me, is why Commodore themselves didn't publish or make any games for the Amiga?

A quick search in the Hall of Light shows only a handful of CDTV titles:

And only ONE game for the A500 : Mind Walker

And this is very strange, because for the C64 Commodore published many Bally Midway arcade conversions, like Gorf, Dragons Den, Lazarian, Satan's Hollow and Wizard of Wor, and others.

And all of those C64 games were of very high quality, the arcade conversions were almost 100% accurate, and I think most were primarily released on cartridges, with cool boxes and cover art. Back then, this almost turned the C64 into an "arcade machine at home", just put the cartridge in and play.

But why on earth Commodore didn't do this sort of thing on the Amiga?

They had to know, that back in 1987, the Amiga 500 hardware was superior in every possible way, and above every other machine on the market. Even many arcade coin-op hardware of 87 paled in comparison.

And yet, Commodore didn't use this potential at all. They had the money to negotiate deals with arcade pubishers and to hire the best programmers in the world. But yet, they did nothing, and left game creation and publishing to others. And this is just absurd: They clearly tried to compete in the gaming machine wars, but still didn't make or publish any games for the back then super-powerful Amiga 500?

Surely they knew what Sega and Nintendo were doing? Both of those companies hired good programmers, made high quality in-house games, and also made exclusive deals with 3rd party developing houses to publish good stuff on their consoles. This was the very reason why Sega and Nintendo were successful. But with the Amiga, Commodore didn't even try to do anything like this. It's just pure stupidity.

In 1988 the Megadrive was usually sold bundled with Altered Beast, which was an almost 100% arcade perfect Sega in-house conversion. Sonic wouldn't appear until many years later. But who needs Sonic when you have a 100% accurate conversion of a coin-op smash hit in your living room? The formula for success is often simple.

And in 1990, Commodore tries to challenge the Megadrive with the C64GS...did they seriously think that the ancient Commodore 64 would seize control of the console battlefield, if they just released it as a cartridge-only console...that the C64 would rise from the depths of history, and DEVOUR and CRUSH the competition like some ancient computer god with big teeth and tentacles?! That Lazarian and Wizard of Wor would become best sellers again? It's insane.


Luckily, the Amiga eventually started to get loads of great games, thanks to the legendary software houses of the 80's and 90's, who one after another pulled the sword out from the stone and used it, creating game libraries of pure gold...And so the Amiga was saved. But still, I have always had the feeling that Commodore themselves should have done more to support the gaming side of Amiga. At least they should have published good game programming books that told the best practices and methods on how to use all the custom chips to the fullest, so that the early programmers wouldn't have had to stumble in the dark. Or maybe they actually made such books? I don't know for sure, I'm just making a guess based on the quality of early Amiga games.

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