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How to Use Classic Amiga for Word Processing Today (2 of 2)

I’ve been on a long quest for what I consider to be the “best” Word Processor for the classic Amiga experience. I admit that my parameters are not the same as others.

My key requirements have been (which I also discuss in the post):
1) Legibility
2) Basic formatting
3) Transferability

I do not care about a pretty GUI encompassing my writing area (real estate is limited, as it is). And I'm not talking about OS 4, or 3.1+ and above.

I reviewed several packages along the way but was ultimately left unsatisfied, until last week. I finally found a winner and wrote about it (at length) here. Curious your thoughts if you care to read about this somewhat obscure topic.

I’m not entirely sure what the reach of WordPerfect was in the UK and other parts of the world. In the US, it wasn't huge (they bled cash on the platform). But for me, my search is finally over. It really is perfect - for me. Have a nice weekend, everybody.
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