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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
So, it's my understanding that Amiga file attributes are as follows:

<image snipped>

Windows / MAC computer don't have the same file attributes so if you copy from one of these computers and say a file had "Script" set then it must get lost?

Isn't this the same issue that people have sometimes with WHDLoad files i.e. extracting on a computer as opposed to an Amiga?
Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Recent examples though of issues cause when extracting the .ZIP from a computer in the "Center Court 2 [1997 unreleased Amiga AGA tennis game]" thread:

<examples snipped>
In the scheme of things, issues with file attributes and long filenames are rare and only ever seem to occur with .zip archives. The rule-of-thumb solution is to avoid .zip and use .lha instead when transferring stuff from PC to Amiga. It's the very reason why Retroplay ditched .zip and started using .lha for all the WHDLoad uploads he makes to the EAB server.

Personally, I use .rar or .7z when transferring stuff from PC to Amiga (as they often have much better compression than .lha or .zip), and can't say I've ever had a problem. Has anyone had any issues with either here? If not, then maybe the solution is just to avoid using .zip period with Ami stuff.

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