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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
If you really want to give them that, you don't even need an accelerator. Let them suffer through standard 68k speeds

Honestly, for your use, you didn't even need an accelerator. I hate it when people tell you you MUST have one in your Amiga. It all depends on use, and buying upgrades soon turns into a slippery slope where you plonk a lot of funds onto peripherals you may probably never use to their fullest.

For a lot of game activity and especially retro nostalgia, a stock system is JUST FINE. If you want to play games off HD you only need some Fast RAM, but if you get a Gotek, you don't even need the HD (and you get a larger library of games available). Also if you load from HD, again, you miss the "feeling" of days past.
In days gone past, both my A1200 and A4000/040 had hard disks, which even back then, had a few games on them (Civ, Syndicate, Frontier to name a few off the top of my head from memory), and obviously both were quicker than a stock A600 will be, hahaha.

Also, I can see myself using it, particularly when it has a faster CPU - I really miss using an Amiga, and we all know despite how good WinUAE is, it's just not the same.
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