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I'm sure this is a stupid question to ask, but anyway...

What version of Workbench/AmigaOS should I be installing as my base?

As people have noticed, my kickstart is soldered on, and I do not have the required skill to unsolder it, so until I get an expansion that enables using a later kickstart (such as I believe can be done with the ACA620 and Vampire II), I'll be stuck with 2.05 (37.300).

So, do I put Workbench 2.1 on the mass storage, or do I go with 3.1?

I guess I feel stupid because I never really did much with any machines with less than Kickstart 3.0 back in the day, and then it was simple, I had Kickstart 3.0 and Workbench 3.0. But will 3.0 or 3.1 work correctly on a 2.05 ROM, or should I be using 2.1 instead?

Thanks in advance.
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