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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
Also you could approach with an email asking more about the "stability issues of some" of 2D motherboards, what if any would they consider a fault, did they do anything to rectify any "unstable" boards, for example CPU flowing or capacitor replacement? did this alleviate the fault or improve stability?

Another idea might be to have a look around for a local retro / Amiga computer club in your area - you may find other Amiga owners that can meet up and share knowledge and hardware for additional testing
Thank you, have done, awaiting a response from them now.

And I don't like the odds of finding anyone in my part of the world, I'm in what is regarded as a fairly rural area of North West Tasmania. I know there are still a number of Amiga people over in Melbourne, but there is a body of water in the way for me, preventing me from getting there without needing to plan a trip - kind of like England and mainland Europe, only we only have a ferry and aeroplane options to go each way. There may be some people down in Hobart, but that's about a 4 hour drive each way, so 8 hours of driving in the one day - a bit too far. Where I live is beautiful, but it's a fair distance to almost anywhere and anyone else, haha.

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Anyway, now that my A600 is repaired and working correctly and will be in my hands again soon, can anyone please recommend where the best places to purchase things online from would be, I want to order a 1Mb expansion now and a 9 pin atari-style joystick so we can play games on it. ? Somewhere else?
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