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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
VirtualBox supports emulation of USB mass storage devices since version 5.0, perhaps the source code of that could be useful.
There is much more than technical problems...

Because USB is something I don't really see the point to emulate (only point being "for completeness", another boring PC feature), I have very specific requirements.

I won't do anything until someone sends me FULL specs of "All OS" (=OS3.x, OS4, netbsd, linux) compatible (=has drivers) USB hardware board. Full Amiga address space to whatever USB chip wiring. Must be USB chip that has full specs available. Must be Z2/Z3 (for all Amiga compatibility, clock port is stupid hack) There must be enough low level test programs for debugging. I must also have the board.

USB boards are not ancient or obsolete devices that require reverse-engineering. I REQUIRE full specs.

I also won't bother to contact anyone (No one understands emulation and emulation requirements anyway, I don't want to answer stupid questions).

-> Above tasks are 100% Someone Else's Problem.

I don't think that's possible (currently). Inserting or removing the medium into/from a removable drive is different logically to removing the (non-removable-media) drive itself and replacing it with a different drive. Though if that's how OS4 handles USB mass storage devices then emulation of a USB host controller could help there??
UAE removable drive support (when mounting for example USB drives that are PC formatted) sends usual IECLASS_DISKINSERTED/IECLASS_DISKREMOVED input events. (WB would not notice the change without it)

Remove hardfiles/Amiga harddrives are totally different thing. It probably won't work in OS4.
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