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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Hardware USB emulation? Not easy and very complex but probably will happen someday.
VirtualBox supports emulation of USB mass storage devices since version 5.0, perhaps the source code of that could be useful.

Originally Posted by mritter0 View Post
So I can insert/remove USB thumb drives in OS4 Classic in WinUAE? How?

I am finishing up a project and want to know when a USB device is inserted/removed, and be notified with IDCMP_DISKINSERTED/REMOVED, like a floppy does.
I don't think that's possible (currently). Inserting or removing the medium into/from a removable drive is different logically to removing the (non-removable-media) drive itself and replacing it with a different drive. Though if that's how OS4 handles USB mass storage devices then emulation of a USB host controller could help there??
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