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Talking about the packs and the software, I also feel this was a big letdown for them. I had the desktop dynamite (1200) bundle, looking at it today, it seemed to try to cover entertainment, home / small business and productivity right out of the box but with gaping holes in all areas, no spreadsheet or other 'office' packages other than a very slow word processor, graphics creation covered but not sound, questionable games quality (oscar, at least it looks pretty but dennis? - Amiga could do much better) just not sure who that was aimed at other than kids who had never played sonic or mario, kids don't have money, kids swap copied games at school... Most kids who got one of those probably never used wordsworth, maybe they drew some crude pics in deluxe paint but could have easily managed without them - i guess it was something to attract parents, some kind of homework angle... Wordsworth came on 5 disks i think? that could have been 5 more games.... You're paying for print manager software, but there's no printer, Bravo C=....

Maybe they should have targeted these areas more specifically - secured a full bundle of office software, like MS office or whatever, sold that with the machine (maybe even with a cheap printer) so it can home business on a budget straight out of the box, throw in Dennis so people have a couple of free save disks.

Complementing this a gaming package with a -ton- of games might have attracted a lot of attention from another specific audience, they could never compete with consoles on game quality, particularly with pack-ins or entry cost for the home machines because they didn't make their own games but they could have tried harder with a greater quantity of titles.

C= just painted themselves further into the corner with every decision, not capable of competing with the PC for a hundred reasons (they'd never beat PC in big business, but in small business area perhaps mainly a lack of killer business apps) and not able to compete with consoles on both the entry level cost and often (not always!) the quality of the games, plus they weren't making anything from game sales, unlike the console manufacturers who also had an edge and perceived coolness that C= clearly wanted but in the 90's at least never had. They seemed to have made poor hardware choices too, but perhaps it was the software that seemed to let it down the most and made it second fiddle to the PC and consoles for many consumers & businesses. That said and ultimately though, it was the move on in HW and peoples expectations that C= just couldn't keep up with, they couldn't spend enough to keep up with it i guess and lacked focus.
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