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Originally Posted by Michael Sykes View Post
Once you have the Toccata and AHI up and running there shoud be a tool called "Toccata Record"
I did set it to ”Law - 48000Hz to record sound.
Record something and see if it works. Maybe you have to find the right windows sound source.
Dont forget to unmute it. ;-)

Once you hear someting if you playback the recording(from within Tocc.Rec.) download "SoundBox"(from aminet).
Load the Sample you saved and change it from singed to unsinged(Amiga+f).
It will sound like crap without that treatment.
Now save it as IFF/mono/8bit.

Download "Samplemanager" (also on aminet).
Load the IFF sample you saved in SoundBox and resample it to 22050 by pressing Amiga+r or select it from the menu. Save the file as 8svx,mono,22050Hz...
Output-format can be set in Prefs menu.

The resulting file should work as a sample in Protracker.
I did a quick test with MLine editor wich also loads PT mods and the file I created played fine as I replaced a sample in some random mod.

Sorry if thats a bit complicated. But these are the tools I had on my HDD.

PS: I bet you can google for "free windows sound converter" on your own. ^^
If not here is some help.

But dont save it as 8SVX on the Amiga side if you want to load it in a Windows enviroment.
"Samplemanager" does also save in WAV or even MP3.
wow, this is explained very well - IŽll give it a shot!

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