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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Is this a side-effect of the way the Amiga chipset works?
It is just coders not noticing bad display setup. It is easy to miss without 1081 or similar monitors with adjustable display position/width.

There is an option on Altirra (the 800XL emulator) to remove this overscan baggage - is there an option on WinUAE to do the same? I somehow doubt it, as overscan is important to the Amiga, no matter what artefacts show up as a result of chipset activity.
If I am not completely wrong, 8-bit Ataris only had very few width hardware options. Amiga is fully programmable (both width _and_ position), which means no one can agree which is "correct" output, especially because 1081/1084-type monitors were quite common.

Filter panel has "overscan blanking" option that can be used to hide overscan regions.
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