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CDTV - The only issue I have with the CDTV is that it should have come with more RAM. It was Commodore's way of getting the Amiga platform into homes using multimedia etc. In a way it was a probably a good idea at the time and it had multiple uses as a CD home audio system then too (CD/tape/record players were the primary players of music back then so if people saw a system they could play games/multimedia/play their music it was a win-win situation).

The CDTV is a lovely piece of equipment - when I had one a couple of years ago the build quality is probably the best Commodore piece of hardware along with the 1000/3000. They're like an Amiga 500 with a cherry on top. There was an article in Amiga Format at the time with Donald Pleasance explaining the idea around it - I haven't a clue which issue.

The 600 - yes, I agree not sure why but was probably aimed at the 'young' gamer than a serious home user (hence the cheaper price at the time - I think it was £100 cheaper than the 500+)

AGA - yes, lots of missed opportunities here, corners cut... should/could have been much better! The prototype AGA systems were nicer than the 1200/4000 models we ended up with (3000+ etc)... but this was coming to the end I guess.

The CD32 was a poor CDTV - if only they had build quality of the CDTV

But come on this was over 20 years ago, Medhi Ali is still around though! I doubt C= could have survived past the year 2000 even if the going was good (look at Silicon Graphics who flew the roost in the early 2000s and they were big!), PC market kind of took the lead in the mid-1990s and then you had all the fancy consoles such as the PS1 etc which kind of changed everything.

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