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Commodore management were the equivalent of Donald Trump today - lies, deception, financial mismanagement, scandals, no idea whether they had any cash or were flat broke etc. I hope Irving Gould held onto his Commodore stock to the bitter end and lost a fortune as he was a big part of them failing imho.

I also agree about the AGA chipset. The blitter should have been sped up, more audio channels (but backwards compatible, so an A500 would hear the 4 channels, AGA would hear more), they shouldn't have released all those useless "upgrades" like the A500+/A600/CDTV and saved their cash for a gruntier A1200.

One article I remember in (I think) Amiga Format had some honcho of CBM saying they would probably raise the price of the base computer the next year - I can't think of any other hardware manufacturer that ever raised the price of technology and yet they intended to!

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