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Grapical artefacts on the left-hand side only

One thing I've noticed in all my months of Amiga emulation lately, is how, when displayed on a widescreen PC screen with overscan on all four sides, how in most demos, and most likely a lot of games, how there seem to be artefacts caused by the custom chipset on only the left-hand side of the screen, as if it's unavoidable. Is this a side-effect of the way the Amiga chipset works?

It could simply be that on emulation on modern PCs with widescreen monitors, we are simply seeing parts of the image, almost always overscan, that would've been hidden on old CRT 4:3 TVs in the past. After all, I vaguely remember seeing "overscan activity" on my A500 back in the day, and on my old Atari 800XL as well (yes, and emulation).

There is an option on Altirra (the 800XL emulator) to remove this overscan baggage - is there an option on WinUAE to do the same? I somehow doubt it, as overscan is important to the Amiga, no matter what artefacts show up as a result of chipset activity.
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