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Commodore sucks! (rant)

Sometimes, considering the history of Commodore and Amiga, I just wish I could see what happened back then in a parallel universe, where Amiga ruled over the PC and Apple until well into the 2000s, and only then the Amiga line ended with grace and dignity, unlike what happened in this universe.

This is just a rant against Commodore management, because I have to get a few things off my chest:

First of all, the CDTV - why? Potentially forward-thinking, but too early on, and a big mistake to distance it from the Amiga. Stupid Commdore.

The Amiga 600 - why? Why chop off the numeric keypad so that flight sim games could no longer run on it?? WHAT were you THINKING? Stupid Commodore.

AGA - why no audio improvements? And was Jay Miner consulted on this chipset? I was so disappointed when I heard about the flaws in this stop-gap of a chipset. Stupid Commodore.

Akiko as a CD32 afterthought - why? This is what really irks me about Commodore, that they considered the competition to be beneath them, that they didn't think the PC was a threat or they simply thought they were better (they were, but the PC was catching up fast). I mean, Wolfenstein 3D had already come out in 1991, and surely that was a warning sign for Commodore, but they figured bitplanes would always win out over chunky graphics. They should at least have had the Akiko chip built into the AGA chipset and not just the CD32, it would've opened the doors to more PC-style games, and the Amiga would've even possibly had an official version of Doom when it came out in 1993! But instead, Commodore failed to innovate and played it safe, and the CD32's Akiko was too little, too late, as practically no games supported Akiko, but would've done if it had been included in the AGA chipset. Stupid Commodore.

Star Trek: The Voyage Home - why did you charge Paramount for the Amiga, Commodore, WHY? You had the perfect opportunity to offer a free machine for the movie and you would've had lots of promotion as a result, and lots of potential sales thereafter. At least Apple had more nous than you, you stupid Commodore! And someone answer me once and for all - was that Amiga graphics in Spock's teaching computer on Vulcan?

And I think that's about it, for the stuff I'm aware of. In what other areas do you remember Commodore being stupid and lazy and stagnant? After all the rigmarole between Atari and Commodore, maybe it would've been better if Jack Tramiel had gotten the Amiga in the first place? Commodore was practically a joke, especially after Tramiel left! It's a MESS.
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