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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post

Put simply, I was limited because the intro is meant to last the length of the music, and then end.

The problem is several issues.

317K for the music module
860K for 14 Extra Half Brite Images 64 colour images
2x 61K for the two picture buffers
20K for the code to drive it all

Because of this, all the IFF images had to be converted to raw files, compressed with Propack to ensure they could all fit in extra ram, and then decompressed on the fly to display before the music ends.

No floppy loader would be fast enough to load each uncompressed image on the fly, no floppy loader and the 68000 would be quick enough to load each compressed image and decompress on the fly.

So unfortunately no is the answer
That's ok my friend; just thought I'd put it out there... Thank you for the explanation

Love your .ADF (cracktro / extra loading music) but for the reason stated above (plus AGA intro not on the .ADF version) I'm using the HD one.
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