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Originally Posted by liviux76 View Post
I haven't tried that yet. I am at work now, I'll do that later this evening and I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks.
Ok, I've tried the game using the whdload version installed on my system and the game works flawlessly.

9.Data:Games/Giana_Sisters_SE> version WHDLoad
WHDLoad 18.1 [build 5717]

9.Data:Games/Giana_Sisters_SE_original> version WHDLoad
WHDLoad 18.2 [build 5735]

So, at least for me, the problem is definitely the whdload 18.2 version.

Thanks for the help in solving this issue!

The intro as well works perfectly.

The floppy I've made from the adf works perfectly as well.
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