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The installation just copies files. There is no magic inside.

If you followed my instructions you already have this "Workbench" directory which shows up as a drive in AmigaOS. This is meant to be the destination for the OS3.9 installation. You may want to add another directory as "Work" as this is the standard AmigaOS installation (small system partition and large application partition).

Note: every directory you add to the harddrives list in WinUAE is a drive in AmigaOS. The Amiga might write into this directory, but it has no chance to write into directory levels above the mountpoint. So if you don't add your drive C as harddrive in WinUAE there is no chance to damage your Windows installation. If you add C:\WinUAE\Harddrives\Workbench, only this directory and its subdirectories are targets of write accesses, C:\Windows will not be touched.

Hint: when the installer asks you about your skill level, never choose "Novice". Novice will make assumptions about the system which in most cases are wrong and it does not let you change them. Use Average or Expert. Expert gives the highest level of control, so you'll be told about everything it does.

Edit: the question has gone. I will leave the answer here nevertheless...

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