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Stand-alone Quake Engine Games On Amiga

There are seven games that I know of that can be run stand-alone on an Amiga using the Quake engine (Most so called Total Conversions can't).

4D Shooter

Multiplayer only, and only to be found in an obscure section of Can still be found on

Alteria (Glitchy)


Chapter Honour (Demo)

Warhammer 40k.

Unused monster model, can replace Quake Shambler.

Extra maps - no longer available.

Old website.

Hack And Slash


My updated version.

More details, screenshots and extra downloads.

Transfusion (old version)

Fails the registered Quake check, but borrowing gfx/pop.lmp from OpenQuartz solves that.

Several of them borrow parts from OpenQuartz but they do not use the entire ID1 drawer, unlike Half-Life/Turok/Left4Quake e.t.c.
If anyone knows of any more please let me know. Will update this with a lot more detail later... maybe.

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