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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
One slight issues I had with the HD install is the icons...

All is good if you are using a Classic WB 3.1 installation (as it had "NewIcons" or "GlowIcons" installed) so looks awesome like this:

If however, you are using just a standard WB 3.1 installation the icons look like this:

Anyway, I've used thomas's great little tool "oldlikenew" (http://thomas-rapp.homepage.t-online...oldlikenew.lha) to convert the icons to standard ones so they now look like this in a standard WB 3.1 installation instead of dots:

I've attached these for anyone else who wants them

You just do the following:

... Extract the usual "Giana_Sisters_SE.lha" to your HD install.
... From inside the attached "Giana_StandardIcons.lha" do the following:

1) Copy "Giana Sisters" to outside the folder.
2) From "InsideFolder" copy "Giana Sisters" to inside the folder.
(Your PM box is full so I'll post this here)

WOWSER!! Cool, I thought this was still being worked on

What about PeterK's icon.library, would that work with these icons?

Nice work though, you are definitely on a roll (Downhill assisted by the looks of it)
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