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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Great; thanks earok question though; I see that the HD files are actually using WHDLoad (which with my limited Amiga knowledge, means that I won't be able to use it).

Regarding the WHDLoad version vs. the .ADF version are there any major differences or are they exactly the same content / feature wise?
The HDD version just needs a workbench install and that's it! You can copy the file into your Hard disk and play without having to worry about anything else. The HDD version is based on WHDload yes, but you won't need anything else installed, no WHDload, no key, no extra stuff. Everything needed to run it is included at the folder itself. Just double click the game icon and, off you go!

There are differences between the 2 versions (HDD and ADF) indeed regarding features and details, but the content is exactly the same nontheless.

Here's an accurate list:

1) Intro in HDD version can playback at 256 colors if it detects AGA. In ADF version it's always 64EHB colors regardless of your chipset.

2) HDD version has some extra features thanx to WHDload, like the ability to play with either a joystick/keyboard or CD32 joypad.

3) In HDD version you can jump with a second button if you press it (applies for both joystick and CD32). This will automatically disable UP for jumping for the rest of the game.

4) In ADF version you can quit to Main menu (from in-game) if you press the Right mouse button. In HDD version you can quit to workbench by pressing * but you cannot quit to Main menu from in-game. Basically the function exists at the WHDload version (if you click Left mouse button) but this feat is currently broken (whdload patch related issue). There is a good chance that this will be fixed in a future update.

5) Both HDD and ADF versions contain at least 1 bug that the other version has it fixed! This is because basically the 2 versions are based on different
patch/cracks of the original game. (HDD on Harry/Psygore's WHDload patch and ADF on Galahad's/Scoopex crack).
Note that all bugs found so far (except the whdload one mentioned above)
are not significant or game breaking and come with the original game itself! So, if anything, the above patch/cracks have actually improved on the original game!

6) Finally the ADF version contains some extra stuff like loading screen and loading music as well as a cool Cracktro by non other than Galahad/Scoopex!

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