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Originally Posted by pawelek View Post
At what point autodetection checks?
How to check which mode is selected?

My configuration Blizzard scsi kit 1230scsi.device (support TD64, DirectSCSI and NSD, but only after SetPatch-OS3.9)
HDD SCSI 70GB - all partitions PFSaio, the first bootable 1GB.

In what mode will work PFSaio? NSD or TD64?
Which ROM version? At least latest (8.5) should support TD64 without extra patches and if PFS3AIO really selects not-DS mode and partition is "large", it means NSD or TD64 is supported, at least it appears to be supported (driver responds without errors to read command and it also returns some data. Note that it is impossible to know if returned data is expected data..)

Normal detection order is: standard TD (only if partition is inside first 4G of drive), NSD, TD64, DirectSCSI. Set dostype to PDS\3 (Official PFS3 DS version dostype) to force DirectSCSI test first. Detection is done just before each partition gets mounted. Partition is not mounted if all tests fail. Test is basically attempt to read last block of the partition. (This is also quickly explained in pfs3aio.readme)
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