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ACA620 Stabiliy problems
This is interesting, but i note the word "some" in the statement, of those some I wonder why not all - from this I would suspect a good few would probably required capacitor replacement. However that is an assumption I would be happy to make - others might not.

While I have not tried a rev 2D board, I have here several 1.3 and 1.5's only one required the CPU to be re-flowed and I think that was an earlier 1.3. with that aside a good CPU clean with an alcohol wipe is recommended and good solid contact maintained.

Other Options
FAST RAM Adaptor
There are some K608's or A608's about in the wild some come up for sale from time to time try and put up a wanted advert. These will give you upto 8MB of FAST RAM which is quite delightful

Furia 020@33MHz
These are delightful little accelerators that will give you about 6.5MIPS with 9.5MB of FAST RAM. These can be difficult to get however as they are usually built in batches - I believe that there maybe one at the moment have a look on
Here in lies the problem with retro-collecting, it can easily become a cash-sink. As alexh would say "nostalgia is worth more than money", I would suggest finding a budget and sticking to it - it makes the things that are too big to go under wifie-radar more likely to happen

Personally I would try out an ACA620 - but I say this with the following caveat
I have tools and rudimentary enough knowledge where I can fix any problems including complete IC replacements - if in a worse case where I cannot - I live in Europe so I can get a different motherboard quite quickly and inexpensively.
Also you could approach with an email asking more about the "stability issues of some" of 2D motherboards, what if any would they consider a fault, did they do anything to rectify any "unstable" boards, for example CPU flowing or capacitor replacement? did this alleviate the fault or improve stability?

Another idea might be to have a look around for a local retro / Amiga computer club in your area - you may find other Amiga owners that can meet up and share knowledge and hardware for additional testing

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