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Originally Posted by c0dehunter View Post
If it did, how would I switch from NTSC to PAL then?
Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Use Degrader or the NTSC and PAL programs I mentioned in another thread.
Aye! TUDE is a good alternative also. Both are available on Aminet (see HERE).

Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
Here's a link that might be helpful re: running PAL demos on NTSC A500s.......
Here's a better link to a pretty good Amiga beginner's guide written by Shane Monroe, a North American guy who established Dark Unicorn to code shareware games back in the mid-90s. Specifically, check out the "C. Using PAL and NTSC; How to switch your system!" section. He covers various software to best view PAL demos on NTSC machines. Unsurprisingly, he rated Degrader as top of the heap!

Anyway, the upshot is that you need to know whether you have an A500 that is capable of changing to PAL before considering something like installing a PAL switcher. Even if you do, it might be better to go the software degrader route as PAL switchers are not as straightforward to rig up on A500s with revision 5 motherboards or lower.
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