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Originally Posted by buzzybee View Post
Oh, so if one wants a cheaper game: Let me tell you the price tag does not reflect all the efforts that went into the game. The game is well worth the price. And its also far cheaper than Amiga Originals were in the past.

Besides, digital releases are about the same price as discversions on PC, PS4 or Xbox - same goes for RESHOOT on the Amiga, if once there will be a digital release.

Its not about the disc. Its about paying respect to all who are involved in making the game.
I just ordered my copy

I dont expect a cheaper game even if its put up as digital download only.
I dont mind a boxed version, I just got one for Tanks Furry.
BUT I would prefere to get a digital download option even at the same price as the boxed one.

Reasons why I dont like boxed games anymore;

1) Waste of time
2) Waste of materials when there are digital alternatives
3) Pollution thru shipping

Dont get me wrong, I REALLY appriciate the effort going into this product, so take my comments as a POSITIVE feedback.
Also, I appriciate the work from the artists that design the boxed art (if there are any). But they can put that artistic effort into high resolution wallpapers or just graphics within the game.

Again, I would accept the same pricelevel for digital download.

Hope to see more productions from you!
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