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Thanks for you efforts, and a what appears to be smoothrunning stable fps game!

As for the graphics, thats a highly subjective discussion.
I personally am of the "minimalistic design" crowd, you should just look at my newly refurbished cellar, it looks like a padded room, all white
So the RESHOOT design is just up my alley!

One question; will I be able to burn myself a ISO, mount it with DiskImageGUI and play the game from there? I do have a CD rom on my A1200, but for the most part I keep it disconnected from the A1200 for neatness. I guess I should mod, plan the inside of my A1200 better to fit my Slimline CDrom.
But if I could play with mounted ISO, then that takes care of that.

Also, a harddrive version, digital download version is also something I would pre-order for. Like with Amiga Racer, the coder sent me a code to unlock the game etc.

Anyhow, I will most likely order this game regardless of your answer to my questions above.

Good job, and I hope to see more from you and your crew! (Maybe with the Vampire in mind? )
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