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As the coder of the game, may I participate in this thread?

First of all thanks to all who are interested in RESHOOT. Please, let me explain some details regarding the graphics: Most basic objects are made of 8 colors aka 3 bitplanes. But this is only the half truth. Within the game, they are blitted into 3 bitplane view and then mixed with another 4 bitplane view. This gives a nice parallax effect plus a nice and subtle color fade plus lots of colors plus tons of objects. I´d say approx. 128 colors in 50 frames per second, with sometimes close to 80 sprites and enough BOBs to keep your adrenaline level high. Not too many Amiga-games do that.

I find comparing RESHOOT to Elfmania (why not Lionheart, while are are at it?) a little bit odd, but yes - of course in the whole lifetime of the Amiga, there were some games that looked more colorful than RESHOOT. But there also were a lot more not-so-great games, with sloppy framerate and all kinds of other problems. As former editor of Germanys biggest Amiga-games magazine Amiga Joker, believe me: I´ve played them all. Even the not-so-well-known-but-still-great-ones like Mega Typhoon.

With RESHOOT the target was to aim for a stylish, smooth playing and motivating little shoot´em-up. The aim was NOT to have the bestlooking presentation and greatest content on the Amiga ever. Let me explain the most important reason for this. I wanted to set myself goals which fit my life. Goals which I and the guys in my team could actually reach. There were / are way too many game-projects too ambitious, which never got completed because people totally underestimate the hard work which is involved in making a fulfilling game.

But RESHOOT is here. It´s playable and entertaining. So Invent, thanks for your kind word. Same goes for you. It was great to work with you and most importantly – finish the project. Thanks to you and some others involved, RESHOOT is actually here to order, play and support the Amiga.
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