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Originally Posted by TroyWilkins View Post
After further looking into things on Youtube, I have another question. I don't have many physical 3.5" Amiga floppies, but I do have a few games I'd like to play on real hardware as ADF files. So some sort of a floppy disk emulator with the ability to load off flash memory of some kind sounds like a good idea to me, does anyone have any experience in this regard and suggestions?

Thank you.
Running ADF images can in fact be easily done - the first thing that comes to mind are two projects the HxC and the GoTek
The GoTek is cheaper, even if you buy it pre-programmed, where as the HxC has been about for slightly longer.

both of these projects use an SD card to store ADF images, well in the case of the HxC they need to be convereted before putting onto the SDCard

Both will set you back about $60 AUS pending what you are looking for. If I could be so bold, I personally think that you would be better served with a Hard Disk Device and 2MB of CHIP RAM - and here are my thoughts on this.

When you have 2MB CHIP and a sizeable hard drive (lets say 4GB) you can install this with Classic Workbench 68k and AGLaunch - this comes pre-installed under CW-x-28

While I stumbled into creating AGLaunch, which was especially designed for a 2MB A600/1200 the community has really made it it's own and it wouldn't be as anywhere near as good without them, I couldn't be prouder - its very humbling indeed!

Now, From here you need to have a quick Google Search for "WHDLoad game packs" - you can search for that title or "KillerGorilla WHDLoad"

Have a good download session with your favourite beverage, copy them to the hard disk device and you will have access of over 3,000 game titles to play, review and geek out at =)

Now just explain the video embedded a bit - this is of AG-Launch running on a 2MB A600 - allowing for multiple disk games (Alien Bread TA is 4 disks as is Project X etc.)

With only 2MB CHIP RAM, loading speed on multi-disk games is only slightly faster than loading from Floppy Disk - but doesn't provide the inconvenience of having to find working floppy disks to write ADF files too or having to convert ADF to HxC files or having to fuss about with boot selectors on either the HxC or the GoTek.

Don't get me wrong they are fun to play with, but hard-drive all the way for that instant gratification

Originally Posted by TroyWilkins View Post
Oh wow, very nice! Thank you for sharing, certainly given me some ideas as to what to invest in for my A600, very much appreciated!
It is my pleasure, one of, perhaps the most important thing about the Amiga is how YOU make it YOUR's and don't let anyone tell you different lol!

If you prefer the "clunk clunk whirr whirr" sounds of the Floppy Drive as it interrogates a floppy disk like a coked up angry bee - then my friend, have at it - it is what puts a smile on your face and warmth in your heart - for me its all about sharing this Amiga experience(s) I have had and still having after 28 years! =D

(When I got my Interface 1 and Microdrives working on my Spectrum 128k *Toast Rack* - I spent a good hour with a grin from ear to ear just formatting micro-cassettes!) - unleash the inner geek is what I say!

So this little 600 build, while I and others have dumped a ton of info here - remember to make this one yours!

I look forward to seeing pictures =D

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