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After further looking into things on Youtube, I have another question. I don't have many physical 3.5" Amiga floppies, but I do have a few games I'd like to play on real hardware as ADF files. So some sort of a floppy disk emulator with the ability to load off flash memory of some kind sounds like a good idea to me, does anyone have any experience in this regard and suggestions?

Thank you.
Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

For a limited 2MB set up
[ Show youtube player ]

I have a few A600's but the two are my primary set ups

System 01
COM: A600 Rev 1.3
ROM: Kickstart 3.1
CPU: ACA620 @ 16.7MHz
RAM: 10.5MB
CHP: 2MB - A604n
ADP: Indivision ECS (Scan Doubler / Flicker Fixer)
DSK: 8GB SanDisk Compact Flash
AOS: Classic Workbench 3.5 / Classic Workbench Advanced SP
The above build is quite a delight, I have tried running OS3.9 on the above but it uses a good 6MB of RAM - which on a limited system is just over kill - OS3.5 seems good at just under 3MB of FAST RAM - leaving me the better part of 2MB CHIP, and just under 8MB FAST!

If you notice I also mention the Indivision ECS, which alongside the ACA620 are the best products Individual Computers has ever made. The Indivision ECS allows for larger screen modes as well as additional colour depth, initially the A600 is limited to the ECS chip set HAM not withstanding that is 64 Colour Half-Brite out of a pallet of 4096 colours - The Indivision ECS allows for a RTG 256 colour screen - which is awesome.

You can find out a bit more about the Indivision ECS by clicking here - also there are a few YouTubes with the indivision running - its a really good product for the A600/500/1k and 2k machines!

This system is hooked up to my old skool 19" AOC CRT VGA Monitor - delightful!

Now - my other set up is obviously yet - subtly different

System 02
COM: A600 Rev 1.3
ROM: (3.x On Accelerator Card)
CPU: Apollo 68080 (A'080) 75MHz
RAM: 128MB
CHP: 2MB - A604n
ADP: Picasso 96 Onboard RTG 2D Card (HDMI Out)
AOS: Classic Workbench 3.5 / Classic Workbench 3.9
This system uses a modern LED display panel with both HDMI and RGB SCART inputs - Also I have a couple of PS2 / USB Mouse adaptors that make life a lot easier.
Oh wow, very nice! Thank you for sharing, certainly given me some ideas as to what to invest in for my A600, very much appreciated!
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