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Originally Posted by Selur View Post
Yeap this is not good comparison, Reshoot is scrolling shmup and Elfmania is beat'em up.
Beat'em'up or not, there are a few games only, both OCS/ECS and AGA that can compare to Elfmania's outstanding artistic design and technical excellence. That aside, the general notion that an AGA game HAS to look "better" than an OCS one -which I assume, @Skolman's example is based upon- is totally wrong and an outright generalisation.

As mentioned above, in the case of Reshoot and many other games alike it's all about compromises really. The game's low color count is done first and foremost to compensate for the large amount of objects seen on screen (in some situations you can really count more than 40 bullets at once!), plus some really huge enemy bobs, the aforementioned transparancy effects and all those done under smooth, 50fps scrolling/animation.
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