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Sorry about the 3 posts in a row, but I just got around to setting up an emulated A600 in WinUAE, so I can start getting the software side of things setup, and that's where I have to admit to being stuck. I'm so far behind the times it's not funny. Can anyone suggest a good package to download and install that will be suitable for a stock A600, and other packages that will be more suitable once I have added more RAM and a faster CPU? I know of but I'm sure there are others out there? I know I could start with a basic Workbench install, but spending the hours and hours getting it working nicely doesn't really appeal to me to be honest.

From my limited experimenting just now, it would seem that WHDLoad is pretty much a no go on a stock 1Mb A600, and adding a 1Mb Chip RAM expansion didn't seem to help matters, at least in the few games I tried. So I think I'll get a 1Mb Chip expansion and most likely a CPU + Fast RAM board of some kind - and that ACA620 looks like it could be just the ticket.

From my travels on Youtube, a PS2 to Amiga adapter so I can use a "modern" optical mouse looks like a good idea, and for mass storage it looks like there are lots of options, with that SATA SSD option looking very good indeed, thank you very much for that.
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