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I sent an email off to Amisynth, and got this reply sent to me not too long later...
Paul De Piazza <>
1 Jul

Hi Troy,

Paul from Amisynth passed your email on to me as he no longer works on Amiga systems, my name is Paul also just to make it confusing. I have a workshop outside of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia where I repair and service Commodore, Amiga, Apple, Atari and other similar era machines.

A black screen on the Amiga 600 could be caused by a wide range of problems, it may be dead capacitors, faulty chips or other damage on the circuit board - it may even be a power supply issue. To give a rough idea of cost, if it's a simple repair it would be $25, and if all of the capacitors need replacing $62.50. If you bring the system in (or post) I'm happy to take a look at it for no charge and let you know what state the motherboard is in and what is likely to be needed for repair.

All the best,

Paul De Piazza
m. 0408 607096
He has my A600 now to re-cap it and test to make sure it's functioning correctly before sending back to me. There is a bit of a delay, as I suspect he does this in his spare time, and I can't vouch for his work, as I'm in Tasmania and have had to send it to him, but you could contact him and perhaps go there if you've got the time?
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