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Thank you VERY much Zetr0 for tacking so much time and effort in replying, I really appreciate all the information you have shared, and I can't wait to get my A600 back and try out the things you have suggested. In the mean time I can continue to play with WinUAE and try to get myself used to the Amiga way again.

Funny thing, the other night I was doing things on an emulated Amiga system, and some of it came back to me so quickly and naturally that it felt like I'd never stopped using the platform - so much so that I found myself pressing Win + M when I was back in Windows 10, instead of Alt + Tab...

Regarding the ROM, I can't say I had noticed that it was soldered instead of socketed, This is only the 2nd A600 I have ever owned, and the last one, going back to the mid to late 90s was certainly an Australian PAL A600, like this one is too (US keymap, PAL video output), but the other one had a socketed ROM, because I remember pulling it out and putting in a 1.3 ROM out of an A500 to see if it worked, and putting the 2.05 ROM in the A500...

So yes, this is very interesting, and it looks to me like a factory 2.05 ROM... Hmm, I wonder if at some stage in it's past someone suspected there to be a bad connection with the socket, so they removed the socket and simply soldered the ROM in there?

Here are a few more photos I took (sorry, not fantastic photos, I only have my phone to take the pictures with) before I sent it off for repairs:
Click image for larger version

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