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How close is this to 68K language? Forgive me if it actually is based on 68K language, I know nothing about ColdFire

I see a few comparisons to '040 chips have been made, but will this be any closer to 68030 or 68020 in terms of compatibility? I've never owned a 68040, but heard that it had quite a few more problems with older software, especially games, when compared to '030 based accelerators.

I'm also assuming this design wouldn't have heat dissipation problems in an A1200's trapdoor. Shame the ram slot has to be laptop spec in the 1200 version, memory sticks are not going to be cheap!

Very interesting development though. I'm one of those people who doesn't want to change his Amiga too much, even prefer the A1200's shape to a tower. It just suits the technology being a small all-in-one unit. Compatibility is of course the crux for me when considering new alternatives to ye olde 68K chips, so PPC would be out of the question.
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