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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The PII was still MMX which was integer only, only 8x64 bit registers, couldn't use the FPU at the same time as MMX because of shared SIMD/FPU registers, etc. It didn't help much. Graphics had to go through a PCI or AGP bus and the GPU no doubt did a lot of the work. When I say playable I mean playable in Amiga terms which is low resolution 16 bit with 10-20 fps .
I'd love to see someone try (NovaCoder, come baaack ;-), but until the Apollo core moves to Arria10 FPGA I doubt it will run at any kind of interactive frame rates.

Here are the minimum specs (for Q3) apparently..

Pentium® 233 Mhz MMX®processor with 8 MB Video Card
Or Pentium II 266 Mhz processor with 4 MB Video Card
Or AMD® 350 Mhz K6®-2 processor with 4 MB Video Card


3-D Hardware Accelerator with full OpenGL® support


So regardless of the CPU speed and SIMD version, it requires an OpenGL 3d card with at least 4MB.

I read this as if it can not be a straight port, but more of a rewrite where some stuff simply needs to be replaced..
(Ok, now we need that guy who made use of the DSP in an Atari Falcon 030 to run Quake;-)

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