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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
His photo shows a soldered kick rom which I have never seen in an A600. So it'll be a bit harder for him to perform that upgrade.
Wow! That is the first time I have seen that!

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
If you want a Vampire V2 you need to have 3.1 and I am afraid in this setup you can't unless you desolder that chip, install a socket and get a new Kickstart ROM.
The Vampire ignores the KickROM of the machine, currently mine doesn't even have a kick rom in it at all - so the fact that the its soldered is inconsequential.

The ACA620 has the MAP ROM feature which allows for loading any 1MB Kick Start to RAM - so 3.1 or even a custom 3.9 to allow for bigger hard-disks!

Assuming like above that the current fitted ROM is a late enough revision to detect a hard disk then one could have a small script on boot that relokick's a 3.1, or 3x ROM into FASTRAM - reboots and you have large hard disk support.

Worse case scenario one could make a simple boot-disk that like above relokick's a 3.x ROM into FAST RAM reboots, (removes disk) and then load from hard disk device.

so both options still good

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