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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
If you want data safety you should stick with FFS. Every file system can get corrupted every now an then. As you experienced, FFS has many well working recovery tools.

SFS has only one. And if does not work.

PFS has none. It only has repair tools. Repair tools will delete corrupted files.

So if you don't want to make regular backups, FFS gives you the most safe data storage. With SFS and PFS you might loose everything at once.
Strange point of view: I use SFS since 20+ years (switched also to WinUAE with SFS). It's one of the safest fs around. Never had a corrupted file. It's also MUCH faster (even if you just open a drawer you'll notice this), and has many other technical enhancements compared to FFS.
With FFS I've had problems instead as almost all Amiga users, corrupt files and dir structure.

There's a reason why there is no need of many recover tools on SFS
In short: PREVENT problems, it's a better philosophy.
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