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Help recovering source code file!!!

So the past few months I've been slowly finishing a serialization library that would be very useful and that was actually the biggest stumbling block on 2 or 3 projects that I've never finished and that were started about 10 years ago. I was using WinUAE and some old version of CED. Today I went to open the source code file and although it reports it's size normally when opening the icon information the file is completely empty. I was cautious to not save over it. Decided to open it with Filex and surprisingly same result! It seems to be some problem with the file system.
So is it ok if use something like QuarterBackTools or some other recover software (which would you recommend for this case ?) with a WinUAE HDD disk file ?
Not all is lost, I made a back up that covers about 98% of it about 3 weeks ago and I only did a couple of hours per week, still going back is a PITA, as I mentally don't remember what was already done and not at that time, so would have to study that part of the code I was about to finish and probably redo it from scratch. It's also a very complicated piece of code this part...
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