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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
8372A isn't ECS.
Originally Posted by zipper View Post
It is! Done the 1 MB mod to my rev6 mobo.
Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
That's not ECS Agnus. If that were the case, you would be able to have 2 MB of chip RAM.
Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
8372A is ECS Agnus, so is 8375. Size of max supported chip RAM is irrelevant. ECS = has new and extended ECS custom registers.
Quite right. Agnus 8372A/8375 revision limits how much chipram can be addressed, but doesn't relate to ECS capability. There's some good info. about this in the links below:

Here's a link that might be helpful re: running PAL demos on NTSC A500s.......
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