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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Quake III would likely be playable if single precision floating point was added to the SIMD. This should be possible in an FPGA but would require a larger more expensive FPGA.
You sure? Don't think I've ever seen the original Q3 run on say something like a Pentium MMX without a 3d graphics card. I remember playing it on my PII 400MHz + nVidia TNT at the time. And I remember noticing improvements when I moved to TNT2. (Mostly when running in 24/32-bit color mode).

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
If the FPU was as fast as the 68060 FPU, I would expect Quake 1/2 to do 20-30FPS without any SIMD. It is possible to improve the performance of the FPU substantially although an FPGA doesn't like wide operations and more pipelining is expensive. Memory bandwidth in the FPGA helps the FPU performance though. I don't know what has been done to enhance the FPU or what is missing so I can't comment further.
Just speculating, but I expect the Apollo FPU beat the 060 by some margin. ;-)

Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The easiest ways to enhance 3D on the Amiga are improving the integer and FPU performance and improving compilers to take advantage of enhancements. An SIMD with floating point is too expensive in an FPGA and compiler support is too complex for short term goals.
Well, tbh that has already been done in the Apollo core, hasn't it? The IPC is improved over 060 even if compilers aren't up to speed yet.. Clock is higher, memory bandwidth by far exceeds anything previously seen on Amiga.
FPU is still shrouded in mystery though.

Compiler optimizations should come one day, but then I suppose the easiest solution is the brute force alternative. The cost of performance is passed on to the buyer. (Meaning, were paying top dollar for Apollo core in an Arria 10 FPGA. But then we magically have a 400MHz 060 and we can screw all optimizations ;-)

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