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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Are you certain that your A500 doesn't have an ECS Agnus chip? Many did, even though that wasn't advertised at the time.
Quite right. In transitioning to the A500+, some latter production A500s had rev. 8 boards with ECS (Agnus 8375) when C= were trying to use the remaining old stock of cases and other parts. Consequently, some of the late A500s had odd configs like KS1.3/512K chipram/ECS (see below).

Some early A500+ owners got shafted with odd configs, with C= populating rev. 8 motherboards with, say, KS2.x and 512K chipram + OCS (instead of 1MB chip + ECS!)

Always worth popping the hood on an A500 and checking (just coz it's made by C=, of course!) never know what trash 'n' treasure you may find inside a seemingly boring old standard A500!

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