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Originally Posted by MouseGuard View Post
Thank you for your reply, I tried that adf file and after saving I got "Fatal error during load Please remove 'The Pawn' disk and switch off."

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. What is the full command you type out of your amiga?
in The Pawn i just use the Files menu and choose save, next i type in the name and confirm with "y".

in Zork zero i just type "save" at the text pronpt while running the game.

Originally Posted by MouseGuard View Post
Yes I have heard of that and sent an e-mail to them asking to get an account for it, hopefully won't have to wait too long, I think this might be an issue with the Cortex firmware to be honest! Thanks for the help.
good choice. if there are problems with his firmware too, I'm sure he will fix the issue.
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