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I tested The pawn here with an Amiga 500 setup ( 512 kb chip / 512 kb fast ram).
it does save here, but only onto The Pawn disk itself.
I put in the blank.adf before saving, system want me to put "The Pawn" disk in any drive,
so I did, and it got saved onto "The Pawn" disk.
"Restore" did also work - but it then ask me to enter a manual protection code.
I was using this release: Pawn, The v2.2 (1986)(Rainbird)[cr ACS].adf

the floppy image is almost full - only 24kb left - each save file is about 9.5kb in size.
but you can overwrite old state , by using same name.

The Pawn and Guide of Thieves came from same developer,.
just try Zork Zero for example ("save" command at the text prompt).

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