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Originally Posted by trixster View Post
If you're getting a vampire then I doubt you'll need a 1MB expansion too.

PCMCIA Ethernet connection for Internet access?
Thank you.

I believe there is quite a waiting list for Vampires, so it could be a while before I get it, and seeing as I do plan on using WHDLoad, I'll need more than 1Mb.

Ethernet would be useful, even if only to make it easier to get data to and from the machine. Does anyone know of any good reputable solutions where I'd get the hardware and software in some sort of a bundle?

Originally Posted by mjnurney View Post
if you plan to run WHDLoad then a 1mb ram expansion is a good idea. The vampire2 will keep the chip ram mostly unused as it runs everything in fast ram (in RTG mode) but Whdload still used chipram and OCS/ECS video modes as do lots of native amiga software.

Emulators and demos , video players etc use RTG as do later games.
Cool, thank you. I think I read something about Shapeshifter not being compatible with the Vampire, but Fusion is, is that correct, if you know of course?

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding a joystick/joypad, and if so, where to get one from? I was thinking perhaps a Competition Pro CD32 pad if I can find one, as I used to have one of these to go with my CD32 back in the day and really liked it, but I think there are some games where a stick would be more suitable, however I never had anything much better than the Atari CX40 in that style - had a few various sticks, but none that were anything memorable.

Oh, another question, is there any reason I couldn't setup all the software under WinUAE, then transfer it to the CF card, obviously with the CF setup properly beforehand?
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