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4champ - Amiga music in your pocket (iOS MOD player)

I saw an earlier post from 2010 about Amiga MOD players for iPhone/iPad here, but nothing more recent so decided to start a new thread about my own app 4champ which connects your iOS device to Amiga Music Preservation ( Version 2.0 got just published in App Store, and it has now more features than ever plus background play is enabled for all users, so no in-app purchases are needed to enjoy the full feature set.

4champ lets you do searches on composer/group/module name in the AMP database, you can use preview mode to listen to mods without keeping the tunes permanently, and it's possible to easily download all mods by an artist. You can create your own playlists, and use the radio feature to "stream" random modules from the full AMP database, or listen to the most recently added tunes.

I'll be posting about updates here whenever new releases come out (usually a couple of times per year). Comments & Feature requests welcome

Check out 4champ in App Store using this link: - happy listening!
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