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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
NTSC OCS Amiga models are not well suited to run PAL games, even if you switched your NTSC Agnus for a PAL one, the frequency would still be off and you might have issues with some demos which require cycle precise synchronization.

Ideally you would need to switch both Agnus and your main frequency generating crystal (and possibly Denise but I am not sure of that one) in order to have a real PAL machine. This is possible but might be quite convoluted, do you have any experience with soldering?
Incorrect information!

I had lots of NTSC Amigas and would swith to PAL mode and ALL PAL games and demos would work 100%, especially if I had a good monitor that would display PAL mode. (With Fatter 1MB Agnus)

I use a boxy Commodore 1084S-P monitor and it does PAL/NTSC flawlessly.
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